Welcome to the LAUSD Guerrilla Guide

-Bill Ring

Welcome ! This site is a work in progress that will change often as insights and valuable resources are added.

Back in 2002, when I announced my intention to form an independent parent asociation in Los Angeles, I began to think of how to help parents navigate the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Years ago, I began circulating an LAUSD E-letter which periodically covered educational issues in Los Angeles. I have now decided to launch this site to provide a historical context and institutional memory of events affecting the LAUSD and the parents, students and employees who participate, to promote a parent association which will focus upon the real issues and concerns of parents with children in public schools in L.A. and to make available to parents and community members a wide array of resource material beginning with information on issues dealing with special ed, magnet schools, gifted and talented programs, school safety, school governance and more. Please continue to watch this space for further dvelopments.

There are certainly plenty of reasons why parents may not be as engaged with schools, among them, both parents in a household may work fulltime and many parents are single parents struggling to manage. Another reason is that while some parents are actively engaged in local schools with instructional leadership that "gets it", many parents have tried fruitlessly to have an effect upon their local school, their local district and LAUSD policy and have burned out and become cynical or bitter. Others have left the public system entirely.

Much of this is due to the result of LAUSD's pattern of very poor communication with parents and community as well as LAUSD's inability to properly plan and to train parents as partners in shared decision-making, both at the central and local district levels and in the local schools.

It is time to change the culture at LAUSD. Parents, like teachers and administrators, need to organize as a body, independent of school district and school-sponsored organizations. They should also be independent of political agendas such as AB 1381, the plan currently steamrolling through Sacramento and bypasing the voters of Los Angeles in the process.

Watching inside school politics is a lot like watching sausage being made: it's one of those things you really don't want to see....but we had better take a real hard look before we eat: I don't know the cure for 20 billion dollar indigestion.

I hope you will participate - together, we can make a difference. Please feel free to let other parents or community members know about this website and please let me know your thoughts. If you have something to contribute, I welcome hearing from you.

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